Shoal Games Ltd. is gathering expressions of interest for a Private Placement for Accredited Investors as described in the following material. Please contact either:

for details or further information.


As at August 25, 2017,

Shoal Games Ltd. (TSXV:SGW) (OTCQB:SGLDF) ( creates consumer mobile products and is managed by an experienced team of successful technology entrepreneurs.

Shoal Games owns Rooplay ( which is a “Netflix of Games” for children and families based on subscription. Rooplay has no ads, no in-app purchases, no long downloads, no instant messaging, and no outbound links of any form. These characteristics make the product a unique platform of game content that is entirely safe for children. Rooplay is live with 500+ games in 29 languages and in 135 countries.  Rooplay has received more than 100,000 downloads since May 4th and can be viewed here

Shoal Games licenses games for the Rooplay library, but (just like Netflix) we also produce our own exclusive games called “Rooplay Originals”.  The first 12 Rooplay Originals featuring Garfield are live and our current production pipeline will see 18 Rooplay Originals live by the end of September.  As we scale Rooplay, we are also scaling the Rooplay Original game production pipeline which will make it difficult for any competitors to catch us.

The truly unique feature of Rooplay is its distribution strategy.  As Rooplay is a platform that creates long-term customers with recurring revenue, it can scale on the backs of partnership – globally – rather than requiring a large B2C marketing budget.  We have 5 strategies to deliver free downloads which are all in motion:

  • Platform features : We’re in direct contact with Google and have already received our first feature. Rooplay & all of the Rooplay Originals will be eligible for multiple features.
  • Rooplay Original Apps : We publish the Rooplay Originals on Rooplay, but also as stand-alone apps for download. These apps will have links to Rooplay and drive free traffic to Rooplay.
  • Brand Partners : We build all our Rooplay Originals with brand partners (Garfield & others). The Garfield team posts to their Facebook page of 19 million fans about each product launch which creates free downloads for Rooplay.
  • Web Partners : All the Rooplay Originals play in regular web browsers so we can put them live on any partner website worldwide. Site owners can earn a revenue share for all the traffic they send to Rooplay.
  • Mobile Operators : mobile operators worldwide are interested in earning revenue from content systems such as Rooplay by integrating it to their payments systems and distributing it to their customers. We are in negotiations with more than 30 different mobile operators and are in the contract stage with operators in Iran (70 million customers), Kenya (31 million customers), Pakistan (18 million customers) and South Africa (54 million customers).  Leading operators we are in discussions with include Vodafone, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, Bell, and many more.  With more than 6.8 billion active mobile phone subscriptions globally, the demand for mobile content systems is enormous.

Shoal Games is now at the point where there are more distribution and publishing opportunities than our small team can deliver.  We have the perfect team and have begun to scale Rooplay globally.  Filling this private placement will enable us to succeed.

We’re raising up to USD $1.12M (~CAD $1.5M) at USD $0.35 (~CAD $0.45) per unit which includes 1 share and 1 warrant to purchase an additional share at USD $0.44 (~CAD $0.55) for the first 6 months following the closing date or at USD $0.52 (~CAD $0.65) per share for the period 7-12 months following the closing date. The current stock price can be checked here:

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to speaking to you further.